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How to buy real estate in Italy

From putting in your offer to picking up the keys … an overview of the entire process of buying property and real estate in Italy.

Buying real estate in Italy — the process

The first thing to remember? Forget all you know about buying a home in the UK, the US or wherever: buying property in Italy is different; terms you may recognise from the UK or American house-buying process may have completely different meanings here and it’s safer to start from scratch. As ever, we recommend that you engage your lawyer at the earliest stage for your own protection. In fact we recommend that you engage a lawyer or solicitor from your home country in addition to the Italian lawyer who handles the deal.

You can search this site by region or by price bracket. Wherever you’re looking in Italy, you’ll find property on KeyItaly. But the first thing to do is familiarise yourself with the country, the culture and the differences between different areas. Go to our region guides to start with. You will also want to familarise yourself with the buying process — this is real estate purchase but not as we know it. And you will want to learn what it’s like to live in Italy, whether this is going to be a holiday home, a second home or your permanent domicile.

Types of Italian real estate

If you’re after Italy property and real estate for sale, then get used to a whole new language. You’ll know what a villa is, and you can work out appartamento, but what about the bilocale, casetta or terratetto? We'll give you a complete guide to types of Italian property and real estate.

We’ve given guide prices in the each of our Italian region pages, but remember this is a rule-of-thumb guide to the Italy property market, especially useful for comparing one region, city or province to another, but not writ in stone.

Real estate in Italy — foreign exchange, mortgages, the law, your new home

When you’re dealing with foreign currencies, exchange rates, unfamiliar legal and banking systems, and possibly the rebuilding of a derelict property (and thus with local tradesmen), you need to know where every penny is going … and how many euros you’re getting for your dollar or pound. So we show you how to get the finances in place.

We lead you step by step through the legal process, from putting in your offer to completion and registering of deeds. And we help you settle into your new home, with guides to making the move, employing tradespeople and much more.

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