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Buying property and real estate in southern Italy

The extraordinary diversity of Sicily. Campania, with the gloriously chaotic and colourful Naples. The craggy mountains and beautiful beaches of Basilicata. Pretty Puglia, with its ultra-fashionable trulli houses. The whitewashed houses of the Calabria coast. A paradise for sunseekers and searchers after real estate value … this is the south of Italy.

Buying a house in southern Italy

Campania is where the south (or mezzogiorno) of Italy truly starts. You probably won't buy a house in Naples, and the coast is spoken for, but you will find many abandoned houses for sale in the inland villages … and priced accordingly.

Puglia is the heel of Italy. Itís becoming very fashionable, especially for the conical roofed trulli, but there is a good range of other properties for sale in Puglia, including baroque town houses in the port towns of Lecce and Brindisi.

Underdeveloped, depopulated and neglected by government, you should nonetheless consider buying property in Basilicata. With craggy mountains and beautiful beaches (such as the popular resort of Maratea), Basilicata has superb untamed countryside, a wealth of wildlife, and Greek and Roman ruins aplenty. This is rugged, unspoiled Italy and has amazing bargains to reward the adventurous.

In Calabria, the toe of Italy, you're never far from the sea, though there are mountains too. You'll find whitewashed houses for sale on the Calabrian coast - capped with terracotta tiles they evoke Greece as much as Italy, and property is cheaper still in the mountains.

Sicily has spent the last 5000 years being invaded - the result is an extraordinary diversity of houses, farms and apartments for sale - an architectural cornucopia of baroque, medieval, Renaissance, Greek and Islamic buildings.

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