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www.keyitaly.com - the new way to buy property in Italy

www.keyitaly.com - the new way to buy property in Italy

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An easier and cheaper way to purchase real estate in Italy

KeyItaly.com came about because we got frustrated searching on a hundred websites for Italian properties - one for villas in Tuscany, another for apartments in Rome, and so on. We aim to cover all types of property, in every region in Italy.

All you need to know

We think this is the best way to research and purchase real estate in Italy, but that can mean everything from a ruined farmhouse in Apulia to a villa in Tuscany, so we want you to make an informed decision. You'll find a comprehensive guide to the regions, buying process, and living in Italy on the left of the page … all you need to know.

Italy real estate, homes and villas for sale - An introduction to buying Italian property

Welcome to KeyItaly, a new way to buy property in Italy. Whether you're looking to purchase an apartment in Rome, a villa in Tuscany, a farmhouse in Umbria … or you're just browsing for real estate in Italy, this is the place to start.

More and more people are investing in Italian real estate — perhaps as a holiday property or second home; maybe to relocate or retire to, or as a holiday let investment. We help you to start at the beginning. In the menus to the left you'll find a complete guide to the regions of Italy, helping you decide whether you want to buy real estate in Liguria or Lombardy, perhaps invest in a villa on Sardinia or Sicily, or buy a farmhouse in the Italian countryside.

KeyItaly makes the business of buying Italian real estate easier and cheaper. Rather than you dealing with dozens of real estate agents in your search for Italian property, KeyItaly will be a one-stop. Over the next few months, our listings of Italian apartments, villas, farmhouses, castles, palazzi, condominiums and more will build to cover the whole of Italy. Whether you're looking for an apartment in Milan or a villa in Sicily, KeyItaly should be your first stop. You will be able to search the site by type of accommodation, area or region of Italy, price range … even proximity to airports.

But what if you don't know where to start looking for real estate in Italy? Again, turn to the menus on the left, which will help you build a picture of what you're looking for and where.

Accessibility is hugely important when you're buying property in Italy. Is your new Italian villa near an airport, a a major city or the main highways? Our guide to the major cities and airports will help you to decide exactly where you should be looking for Italian real estate, apartments and villas.

Once you've tackled 'Where to buy' you can move on to 'How to buy real estate in Italy'. Our links here will take you through the whole process of purchasing Italian property. We go from finding your dream home in Italy, to making an offer on that Italian farmhouse, villa or apartment. We look at the varying regional prices of buying real estate in Italy — a ruined farmhouse in Tuscany could cost you far more than a restored villa in Calabria — and we introduce you to the various professionals you'll be dealing with when you buy Italian property.

We'll point you in the right direction to get a mortgage for your real estate purchase in Italy, and how to transfer the money to Italy to finance buying your property.

Next we move onto the legal process of buying Italian real estate: everything from hiring a lawyer and a surveyor to completing the sale. Do you own your Italy real estate in your own name? Should you use a company to buy that farmhouse in Tuscany? You'll find plenty of interesting reading here.

And, once you've moved into your apartment in Rome, your villa in Lombardy, or your trullo in Puglia, there's plenty more to do. We cover dealing with the utilities and local taxation. Moving your belongings from home to your property in Italy, and employing the tradespeople to do the restoration work on your new Italian farmhouse, apartment or villa. Are you adequately insured? And are you minimising your tax liabilities? Buying real estate in Italy can yield real tax benefits, but can be costly if you don't do things right. You'll find information on that too.

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